Themewise Publications

Research Themes

Optical reflectionless potential (Antireflection coatings)

(with L. V. Thekkekara, Venu Gopal Achanta), Optical reflectionless potentials for broadband omnidirectional antireflection, Opt Express. 22, 17382-17386 (2014).

(with G S Agarwal) A new approach for broadband omnidirectional antireflection coating, Opt. Expess 15, 9614-9624 (2007)

Coherent perfect absorption

(with K Nireekshan Reddy), Light controlled perfect absorption of light, Opt. Lett. 38, 5252 (2013).

(with Shourya Dutta-Gupta, Rahul Deshmukh, Achanta Venu Gopal, Olivier J F Martin) Coherent perfect absorption mediated anomalous reflection and refraction, Opt. Lett. 37, 4452 (2012). An earlier version in arxiv:1207.5324 [physics.optics]

(with Shourya Dutta Gupta, O J F Martin and G S Agarwal), Controllable coherent perfect absorption in a composite film, Opt. Express, 20,1330-1336 (2012).

Stratified Media for Novel Optics, Perfect Transmission and Perfect Coherent Absorption, in Guided Wave Optics and Photonic Devices, S. Bhadra, A. Ghatak, ed. (CRC Press, 2013), chapter 18, pp. 463- 482.(2013).

Critical Coupling

(with K Nireekshan Reddy, A V Gopal), Nonlinearity induced critical coupling, Opt. Lett. 38, 2517-2520 (2013).

(with Subimal Deb), Critical coupling in a Fabry-Perot cavity with metamaterial mirrors, Optics Communications, 283, 4764-4769 (2010).

(with Shourya Dutta Gupta, Subimal Deb), “Signature of strong atom-cavity interaction on critical coupling”, J. Opt. 12, 075103 (2010).

“Strong interaction mediated critical coupling at two distinct frequencies”, Opt. Lett. 32, 1483-1485 (2007).

(with Subimal Deb, Shourya Dutta Gupta, J Banerji) “Critical coupling at oblique incidence”, J. Opt. A : Pure and Appl. Opt. 9, 555-559 (2007).


(with S Kasture, P Mandal, A V Gopal) Strong coupling of in-plane plasmon modes and its control, Opt. Express, 21, 13187-13192 (2013)

(with Sachin Kasture, P. Mandal, Amandev Singh, Andrew Ramsey, Arvind S Vengurlekar, V I Belotelov and A Venu Gopal), Near Dispersin-less surface plasmon polariton resonances at a metal-dielectric interface, Appl. Phys. Lett. 101, 091602 (2012); doi: 10.1063/1.4749277(2012

Quantum Phase Operators

(with Biswajit Das, Bitan Ghosal and Bimalendu Deb) Unitary quantum phase operators for bosons and fermions: a model study on the quantum phases of interacting particles in a symmetric double-well potential, J. Phys. B: At. Mol. Opt. Phys., 46, (2013) 035501. An earlier version in arxiv:1208.0173v1 [physics.optics].

Goos-Hanchen shift

(with Madhuri Kumari), Positive and Negative Giant Goos-Hanchen shift in a near-symmetric layered medium for illumination from opposite ends, Opt. Commun. 285, 617-620 (2011).

(with Dheeraj Golla, Subimal Deb) The role of absorption and dispersion in resonant tunnelling through a negative index medium, Eur. Phys. J. Appl. Phys. 53, 10702 (2011)

Optical theorem and non-reciprocity

(with G S Agarwal) Reciprocity relations for reflected amplitudes”, Opt. Lett., 27, 1205 (2002).

(with Manga Rao and G S Agarwal) “Study of asymmetric multilayered structures by means of non-reciprocity in phases”, J. Opt B: Quantum and Semiclass. Opt., 6, 555-562 (2004).(invited article) abstract

Subluminal and superluminal light and EIT

(with Tarak Dey and G S Agarwal) “Coupled solitons in rare-earth doped two-mode fiber”, Opt. Express, 16, 17441 (2008).

(with Manga Rao) “Sub and superluminal pulse propagation in a left-handed/right-handed periodic structure”, J. Opt A: Pure and Appl. Opt., 6, 756-761 (2004).abstract.

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(with R Arun and G S Agarwal) “Subluminal to superluminal propagation in left handed media”, Phys. Rev. B69, 113104 (2004).

Nano Fiber - Atom Interaction (collaboration with UEC team)

(with Fam Le Kien and K Hakuta) “Phonon-mediated decay of an atom in a surface-induced potential”, Phys. Rev A75, 062904-1-13 (2007).

(with Fam Le Kien and K Hakuta) “Optical excitation spectrum of an atom in a surface-induced potential”, Phys. Rev A75 , 032508-1-6 (2007) .

(with Fam Le Kien, K P Nayak and K Hakuta) “Nanofiber-mediated radiative transfer between two distant atoms”, Phys. Rev A72, 063815 (2005)

(with Fam Le Kien, V I Balykin and K Hakuta) “Spontaneous emission of a cesium atom near a sub-wavelength diameter fiber: efficient coupling of light to guided modes”, Phys. Rev. A72, 032509 (2005).

Nonlinear stratified media

Nonlinear optics of stratified media, in Progress in Optics, ed. E. Wolf (North Holland, Amsterdam, 1998) Vol 38, Chapter 1 pp 1-84. (invited review article).

(with M. B. Pande), Nonlinearity induced resonances and optical multistability with coupled surface plasmons in a symmetric layered structure, Opt. Lett. 15, 944 (1990).

Laser and OPO Instability

(with M. B. Pande), cw instability and steady-state pulses in a ring laser with intracavity parametric amplification, Phys. Rev. A46, 7260 (1992).

(with M. B. Pande), Instability and chaos in a CO2 like laser with intracavity parametric amplification, J. Mod. Opt. 39, 1643 (1992).

(with G. S. Agarwal), A model for mode hopping in optical parametric oscillators. J. Opt. Soc. Am.B14, 2174 (1997).

Phase Conjugation

(with J. Jose), Enhanced back scattering with surface and guided waves coupled to a phase conjugate mirror, Optics Communications, 125, 105 (1996).

(with J. Jose), Phase conjugation induced distortion correction and optical multistability in enhanced back scattering in nonlinear layered media , Opt. Commun.145, 220 (1998).

(with G. S. Agarwal), Evanescent coupling of dipole to phase conjugate mirror, Opt. Commun. 119, 591 (1995).

Nonlinear Dynamics: Solitons and Chaos

(with M. B. Pande, and Ranjit Singh), Chaos in a piece-wise linear system under frequency switching, Int. J. Bifur. Chaos, 4, 701 (1994).

(with J. Jose), Patterned chaos in a system of three coupled unidirectional ring lasers, Pramana J. Phys., 44, 281 (1995).

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Quasiperiodic structures and Photon Localization

(with Manga Rao and M Durga Prasad) “Self-similarity in nonclassical transmission through a Fibonacci sequence of Gaussian barriers”, Int. J. Mod. Phys. C. 16, 327-340 (2005).

(with D. S. Ray), Localisation in optics Nonlinear quasiperiodic media, Phys Rev.B41, 8047 (1990).

(with D. S. Ray), Optical multistability in a nonlinear Fibonacci multilayer, Phys Rev. B38, Rapid Commun., 3628 (1988).

Squeezed Light

(with F. A. M. de Oliveira), Intracavity optical bistability driven by squeezed light from a parametric amplifier, J. Mod. Opt. 36, 1245 (1989).

(with G. S. Agarwal), Dynamical interaction of an oscillator with arbitrary bandwidth squeezed radiation, Phys. Rev. A39, 2961 (1989).

Single Atom Laser and Cavity QED

(with G. S. Agarwal), Steady states in cavity QED due to incoherent pumping, Phys. Rev. A42, 1737 (1990).Quantum Interference, dd Interaction and Dephasing

(with G. S. Agarwal), Filtering of two photon quantum correlation by optical cavities - cancellation of dispersive effects, Phys Rev. A49, 3954 (1994).

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(with G. S. Agarwal), Strong interaction cavity physics with microspheres with whispering gallery modes, Opt. Commun. 115, 597(1995).

Heterogeneous Nonlinear Media

(with G. S. Agarwal), T - Matrix approach to the nonlinear susceptibilities of heterogeneous media, Phys. Rev. A38, 5678 (1988).

Corrugated Metal Films

A theoretical study of plasma resonance absorption in conical diffraction, J. Opt. Soc. Am. B4, 1893 (1987).

(with G. V. Varada and G. S. Agarwal), Surface plasmons in two sided corrugated thin films, Phys. Rev. B36, 6331 (1987).

(with G. S. Agarwal), Interaction of surface plasmons with localised plasmons, Phys Rev. B32, 3607 (1985).

Linear and Nonlinear Acoustics

(with Sotin V. E), Propagation constants of acoustic waves in a liquid slab waveguide, Sov. Phys. - Tech. Phys., 50 ,2573 (1980) (in Russian).

(with Sotin V.E), Slow solitary waves in an infinite transmission line with active cubic nonlinearity, Izvestiya Vuzov - Radioelektronika, vol.XXVI, 24 (1983) (in Russian).