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I am a superannuated faculty of University of Hyderabad, where I served for more than three decades. Currently most of my research and teaching activities are at TIFR Hyderabad. My main research interests are in theoretical optics, plasmonics, nano-optics, quantum and nonlinear optics. I have a very a strong collaboration with theoretical and experimental groups at TIFR Mumbai, IACS Kolkata and IISER Kolkata. I have worked on different facets of optics ranging from single atom lasers, fast and slow light, PT-symmetric systems, etc to reflectionless potentials. Along with my IISER Kolkata colleagues I have authored a book designed to motivate young researchers in modern trends in optics. I authored a US Patent in collaboration with G S Agarwal. My current research interests focus on

  • Spin-Orbit interaction in structured optical fields and vector beams
    (collaboration with IISER Kolkata team)
  • Transverse spin in tight focusing in a tilted optical tweezer
    (collaboration with IISER Kolkata team)
  • Berreman modes and Bound States in Continuum in optical systems
    (collaboration with TIFR, Mumbai team)
  • Negative index behavior in polar molecules and correlated photon lasers
    (collaboration with IACS Kolkata team)

Further details can be found on the Research Areas page.

Some of my earlier projects were funded by DST and CSIR.