Sustainability of synthetic materials is the primary challenge towards realizing practical applications. While designing a functional material, molecular structures and mesoscopic assembly process, both play imperative roles to make it sustainable. We aim to programme the molecular assembly in mesoscale to realize sustainability for targeted applications, including optoelectronics, photocatalysis, smart optical materials, and filtration technology. Following points briefly summarize our interest:

  • Interfacial and epitaxial growth of organic porous polymers and metal-organic frameworks (Surface MOFs)
  • Stimuli driven self-assembly
  • Photochemistry(catalysis), Optoelectronic functions
  • Filtration technology

Our material design approach involves organic syntheses, material syntheses using automation. We ll collaborate with computational chemists for prescreening of molecular precursor, assembly process and function. Modulation of material synthesis methodology is the primary focus. Time-resolved fluorescence, various spectroscopic methods, X-ray diffraction and quartz crystal microbalance are the frequent playing tools.